Masahiro Ootaki (A registered architect with a first-class license)

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Ootaki Architect & Craftsmen

We design and construct new housings and reform existing housings. Twenty years ago, I designed the first barrier-free housing for a person who used a wheel chair. I have since designed many barrier-free housings for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

A news review I wrote.

“Comfortable Residence ( )”
This is a series of short articles periodically published in Asahi newspaper from October 2000 to September 2001.


1. Barrier-free Housing: How to make a comfortable housing (Japanese)
2. Coordinator for Welfare and Housing Environment: Pros and Cons (Japanese)
3. Story for Building Barrier-free Housing (Japanese)
4. Future Home Healthcare, Vol. 2 – Home Healthcare Perspectives and Procedures (Japanese)

History as a trainer

1. Year 2014 Internship of Faculty & Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University.
2. Year 2012 Internship of Nihon Fukushi University.
3. Year 2012 Internship of Saitama Prefectural University.
4. Year 2011 Internship of JAPAN COLLEGE OF SOCIAL WORK.
5. 2002 to 2005: A part-time instructor of Technos College
6. 1997 to 1998: A part-time instructor of National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Please look at the housing below where I and my family live.

Every August, there is an annual “Tanabata” festival along the Iruma river in Sayama-city.
My family lives in a residential area along the Iruma river.
My house is located next to a promenade where cherry blossoms bloom in spring.