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Hello everyone. Welcome to the bFaaaP Pager, a sheet music pager App! The features of bFaaaP Pager (hereinafter also referred to as this App) are that you can take a photo(s) of sheet music with handwritten instructions, combine the photos into a PDF file in this App (PDF maker), and then add additional instructions using ApplePencil (or your own finger). It is possible to turn pages automatically by moving the head left and right (this function is limited to iPad equipped with an in-depth camera). As a sample score, sheet music, with handwritten instructions, of “Dead Kings for Saxophone and Computer” composed by a bFaaaP member Dr. Fehmiju Fati (1st prize at the 2018 MIAM Composition Competition in Istanbul) is installed. Please enjoy it.


The list appears when you swipe the iPad from the left. Here is a list of scores. When you tap an individual item in the list, the score PDF is displayed on the screen on the right. Individual PDFs can each be created using “MakePDF” button. (You can also import the completed PDF file with the iPad file App. I will explain how later.

You can also delete a PDF by swiping the list from the right.

PDF pager

You can turn pages by tapping “Back” and “Next” in red in the photo below with your finger or swiping the screen left or right. (The swiping does not work while the canvas is used for editing).

Canvas(Apple Pencil)

You can freely write on PDF scores using the Apple Pencil while the canvas function is on.

Pages written using this Pencil can be turned by tapping the “Back” or “Next” button, just like the one in PDF. And the written contents can be saved by “Save” and “End&Save” in the upper right. In the case of “End&Save”, the Canvas screen is returned to the PDF screen after saved.

Sheet musik pager (by detecting a face angle (Augmented Reality))

Another feature of bFaaaP Pager is that you can turn pages without using your hands. Using the function of AR (Augmented Reality), the pages can be turned by detecting the horizontal tilt angle of the player’s face while the iPad is placed on a music stand. If you touch “AR ON” at the bottom center of the screen, it will turn red and the automatic page turning function will be “ON”. However, please note that this AR function only works on an iPad with the “in-depth camera”.

The threshold value of this face inclination angle (5 degrees by default) can be freely changed on the setting screen (from 2 degrees to 30 degrees).

Also, you can change the title by pressing the title at the top of this screen.

PDF maker

To prepare a PDF file, first take a photo(s) on your iPhone or iPad. The recommended orientation is portrait. Then enter the title of the score PDF.

Press “Choose a photo” to display the photo gallery. Then select a photo(s) (up to 15). If you make a mistake, delete it. “Reset” is also possible. Then press “MakePDF” when all the necessary photos have been selected. After a while (about 2 to 5 seconds), a PDF is created and an alert is displayed.

When finished, press the “List” tab, swipe from the left to display the list, and select the completed PDF.

PDF import

Any PDF file can be imported by dropping the PDF file into the “bFaaaP” folder using the iPad’s File App. After displaying the list and selecting “No Title”, you need to change the title (see above).


In the settings, you can set the “face tilt angle threshold” as described earlier. You can also set the background color. Currently, you can choose from “Yellow”, “Space Gray”, and “Dark Red”.


Here, a 30-day free trial is available. You must comply with the copyright law and related laws in countries where this App is used. If not, do not use this App. Shishido&Associates is not liable for any violation of the laws. You are solely responsible for your act. After a subscription is purchased, you can continue to use this bFaaaP Pager.

German or Japanese

Press the “Support” tab and swipe from the left to display the support screen. The display language can be switched to “German or Japanese” if you have already used these languages in your iPad general settings.

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