illustrated by Saki Shiokawa

Get Started!

Hello everyone! Now, please enjoy the iOS app of “Home care assistant K’s quick delicious cooking”. First, the overall configuration will be explained.

iPad pro views

There are four tab items: “MenuItems”, “K’s Assist”, “Seasonings”, and “Support”.

Tap an icon at the bottom. Then, each screen is displayed.

MenuItems View

On the menu screen, the menu items are divided into “1. Pasta&Rice”, “2. Meat&Fish”, “3. Vegetable”, “4. Soup”, “5. Drinks&Desserts”, and “See All”. The items are displayed on the scroll screen.

While scrolling horizontally in each category, select your favorite menu and click on the photo. Then, the details display view will appear.

If you like it, click ⭐︎ next to the menu title at the top. Then, the star is filled ⭐️and registered as a favorite. This will be described later.

Now, let’s see how to display the entire menu and what you have selected for favorites. Select and click “See All” in red from the category. Then, the menu list view will appear.

If you switch the favorite display switch to the right, only the favorite recipes registered so far will be displayed.

K’s Assist View

In this App, you can make a request to “Home care assistant K (Helper K)”. First, there is a timely greeting from Helper K. Tap the “Tap to Request” button on the “K’s Assist” view. Then, the button will change to a red “ Finish Requesting” button. Subsequently, talk about the food or ingredients you want to request. Then, a recognized conversation will appear at the bottom. When you finish requesting, press the “Finish Requesting” button. Then, the recipe that Helper K recommends will be displayed.

If you want to see another, press the “Another” Button. Then, Helper K will rotate and display another. If you want to select the menu item, click the photo image. Then the details view will show up.

Seasonings&CookingTools View

Helper K introduces Amazon’s website for seasonings and cooking tools used in the recommended dishes. Please buy the seasonings and useful cooking tools you want.

Support View

The “Technical Support” on the support view links to this manual.

Please read the privacy policy and terms of use provided below.

This App is also available in German and Japanese.

Other Languages (German and Japanese)

First, if you haven’t used iOS in German and Japanese, you need to add a language so that you can use German and Japanese on iOS. Click and move the setting screen as 1 to 3 as shown below. Then add a language.

After the above settings, tap the “Other Languages” button on the support view to move to the iOS in-app settings screen. This language setting is effective only in this App and is not reflected in the overall iOS setting. Then change the language according to the instructions. Finally, to return to the App, tap the small “◀ ︎Recipe” in the upper left in this view.

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Terms of Use

Please refer to the terms of use here.

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