How the performance looked.

Please enjoy “The Making of bFaaaP”.

We arrived at the recital hall “MUSICASA“. The recital hosted by Yamaguchi-sensei, a piano teacher, was held on March 23, 2019. About 20 students showed their achievements this year. We were waiting for our rehearsal order, which was the last. Otaki-san, an architect, and Narusawa-san, a former satellite engineer, were in charge of the setting of bFaaaP. Tokushige-san, a patent engineer and searcher, took this video. The setting procedure is disclosed in Otaki-san’s blog. At this time, we set up (initialized) the actuator (a linear stepper motor) of bFaaaP.

The recital had two parts and an intermission therebetween. At the intermission, we restarted the setting and the sensor member (eyeglasses-attached head angle sensor) was adjusted. Here, a problem occurred like a movie. The wiring between the sensor and its controller malfunctioned. This problem was uncovered when Otaki-san and I had rehearsed last Sunday. It was fortunate that we knew where the problem was. Then, Narusawa-san quickly got a tool to fix the wiring (a scissor and a radio pincer). He disconnected the wiring and cut and removed the tubing, and reconnected the wiring. This worked! Great.

Now, Yamaguchi-sensei’s decision was that I went to the first in the second part (I was supposed to be the fifth in the second part) because the setting was active. So, this is the final preparation before the performance.

This is how the performance looked.

After the recital, we together took a picture as a souvenir.

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After the concert, we went to Chinese dinner. We talked about how the next generation bFaaaP should be constructed and how our patent examination process in Japan proceeded.