bFaaaP5 launched!

We have completed bFaaaP5. The following describes the features.

  1. The shape of the eyeglass-attached motion sensor has been devised so that it can be attached to and removed from either the left or right eyeglass frame.
  2. The “offset value” and “acceleration magnification (multiplier)” of the head movement, which are the features of bFaaaP, can be digitally input from a smartphone.
  3. bFaaaP actuator default settings (a top value (TOP) for offsetting pedal play and its actuation width (W)) can now be entered from the same control screen on the smartphone.
  4. The algorithm for processing the signal from the sensor has been simplified to reduce signal noise and drift.

These improvements make the piano performance even more enjoyable. We are working on a theme musical piece for the next March presentation.