Many people cooperated to achieve the goal during development of bFaaaP. Without their efforts or advice, the bFaaaP project would have failed.

First, we thank APEE study subjects for their cooperation to conduct the test, including Ms. Ayano Tanokura, Ms. Kanako Mukai, Mr. Takumi Matsuda, Dr. Manabu Matsuda, students of Kyoko Yamaguchi Piano Class Fleur, and the Ootaki’s family members.

Also, we are grateful to Dr. Midori Araki (M.D., Ph.D.) and Dr. Makiko Maeda (Ph.D.) for their professional advice.

Finally, we greatly appreciate advice and suggestions from Mr. Kazuaki Kogure of “Arduino Fan” and macsbug-san on questions we asked about the device and programming of bFaaaP.