Good Morning or Good Afternoon.  I am Kyoko Yamaguchi, a piano teacher.

Once the basis for piano playing is somewhat established, each student learns how to operate a pedal.  Because the pedaling enriches the tonal quality of sound, beginners aspire to learning the pedaling. 

Nowadays, electric pianos have emerged and are fit for modern life style, but how to operate a piano pedal by using their own foot remains the same.  Here, a novel pedaling technique may be suited for current IT environment, leading to an interesting finding where the piano can be played in a style different from the previous one.

Illustrated by Saki Shiokawa

I have taught beginners for about 15 years.  I was also engaged in guiding a boys’ and girls’ choir who sang songs in Vienna.  Now, I would like to talk about matters in view of my teaching experience.

Since playing the piano gives the brain a good stimulus, piano private classes are very popular among children.  However, it may be somehow difficult to keep practicing the piano even for three years.  Actual leaning does not involve a beautiful sound, but regular leaning involves simple repeated practice.  Here, if a student does not practice, he/she can never play the piano better.  If the student cannot play the piano well, he/she cannot enjoy playing the piano, so that he/she will quit.

Meanwhile, if there is a lesson once a week, a student must practice at home six days a week. This shows how important the student works at home the six days without his/her teacher.  Most mothers have concerns about what makes her kid practice hard, and may be irritated because her kid does not practice voluntarily.  I have heard that the mother-kid relationship became worse due to this situation.

Kids absorb what interests them.  So, I believe that they don’t try to make simple repeated practice against their own will.

Piano learning strengthens every single body function, thereby developing a strong heart and enriching their heart.  To elicit this advantage, we, piano teachers, must create a plenty of opportunities where each student feels a “joy of playing the piano”.  We should keep them practicing and appreciating the joy of playing the piano.  This may open up various potentials of each child.  To achieve the goal, we should study every moment and hope to share a wonderful time with our students.

I am very happy to take part in development of bFaaaP, which provides a novel pedaling option by modifying a conventional pedaling process.

Please enjoy the ideas and findings conceived by excellent members having knowledge in interdisciplinary fields.

Kyoko Yamaguchi Piano Class Fleur