The following figures show the actual size (mm) of each part/member of the 6 side views and cross sections of the bFaaaP4 housing.

Reference Signs List

100        Housing

200       Sound-proof chamber

210       Sound Absorber

250       Opening

300       First weight chamber

310       Bolt

350       Second weight chamber

360       Bolt

500       Floor plate member

510       Sound-proof chamber bottom plate member

520       First horizontal plate member

530       Second horizontal plate member

540      Ceiling plate member

550       First side plate member

560       Second side plate member

570       Third side plate member

580       Rear plate member

590       Front plate member

592b1 to b2     Inner rubber plug

592a1 to a2     Outer rubber plug

594b1 to b2     Inner rubber plug

594a1 to a2     Outer rubber plug

595        Plug bolts

600        Actuator (Motor)

610        Body portion

615        Actuator attachment plate

620        Leg portion

630        Spacing plate member

700a1-n     Weights

750b1-n     Weights

800        Actuator controller chamber

810        Initializer (Adjusters for a free pedal play offset value and an actuation range value)

820        Actuator controller

830        Driver unit (Driver and power supply)

900        Vibration-proof sheet

1000       Detector (Sensor)

1010       Case

1020       Slit or groove

1050       Sensor module (MPU9250)

1100       Side frame of eyeglasses

1200       Detector-side controller

1210       Adjuster for an offset range value

1220       Adjuster for a multiplier

1230       On/off switch