During development of bFaaaP, I have provided a support on the intellectual property (IP) aspect.

Use of bFaaaP enables those with leg disabilities and kids to enjoyably play the piano with precision. Because the sensor can be attached to eyeglasses, the bFaaaP looks good. I am vey happy to help those who have difficulties operating a piano pedal to enjoyably play the piano

Name: Daisuke Tokushige
Office:SK IP Law Firm

Illustrated by Saki Shiokawa

– Animation I like
”ピアノの森” (A piano in the forest)

– Medley I like
”中学聖日記メドレー” (Junior high-school diary medley)(YouTube)

– Basketball teams I like
Philadelphia 76ersDetroit PistonsHouston Rockets

– Research Articles
“Analysis and Review of Trend of Patent Application and Examination of Sequence-specified or -non-specified Antibody Medicine”, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, November 2015, p1582-1592;「抗体医薬特許における,非配列限定型/配列限定型特許の出願・審査傾向の分析と考察」, 知財管理誌 2015年11月号 p1582-1592

“Analysis and Review of Trend of Examination of Description Requirements in iPS cell Production Method and How Applicant Should Respond to Office Action”, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, June 2015, p650-658;「iPS細胞の製法特許の記載要件に関する審査傾向,拒絶対応の分析・考察」, 知財管理誌 2016年6月号 p650-658

“Notes on Patent Practice about Nucleic Acid Medicine”, a book entitled “How to Develop and Practice Cutting-edge Therapeutics (Nucleic Acid Medicine, Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy, Cell Medicine)”, Section 11, Chapter 1, published by Technical Information Institution Co., Ltd., April 2017;「核酸医薬品に関する特許実務上の留意点」,書籍 先端治療技術の実用化と開発戦略(核酸医薬、免疫療法、遺伝子治療、細胞医薬品),第1章11節,(株)技術情報協会,2017年4月

– Running Story
Monthly journal「PHARM TECH JAPAN」

– Blog

– News site
“Medical News” 医薬ニュース.com
“IP News” 知財ニュース.com