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ヘルパーKの早業3分クッキング(英語名:K’s quick Japanese cooking;ドイツ語名:Schnelles leckeres Essen von japanischer Haushelferin K)のiOSアプリがAppleの審査を通り、Appleストアから発売されました。





今回の「ヘルパーK」アプリでは、前回の「スマホde特許管理」で問われた形式的な審査(後に時間があれば紹介します)は全部パスしたようで、実質3 business daysでアプリが承認されました(金曜日に提出して、火曜日には承認されました)。


• What are the features and functionality of your app?

• How does users interact with your app?

• Can anyone from the general public get an account and use the app?



Dear Reviewer,

Thank you very much for your time and efforts in reviewing my App. Please find attached the following answers and a screenshot.

Background: According to a survey (, the number of Japanese restaurants outside Japan reached 89,000 in July 2015, up sharply from 55,000 two years earlier.  Also, “washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine, was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013.  The largest percentage of survey respondents, 26.6%, described Japanese food as “tasty.” This was followed by “healthy” (21.3%), “high priced” (18.1%), “fashionable” (9.1%), “safe” (7.4%), and “upscale” (7.2%).

• What are the features and functionality of your app?

1.This App offers recipes (now about 50, the number will be increased in a future update) for a variety of mainly home-made Japanese dishes (washoku) prepared by home care assistants. The dishes can be prepared in a limited time and at reasonable price.

2.The recipes are categorized into pasta&rice, meat&fish, vegetable, soup, and deserts&drinks, which can be selected and displayed using a lot of photos illustrating a detailed cooking procedure.

3.The App is in English, German, and Japanese (users can select the App language) and the recipes can be viewed in the three languages.  In the K’s assist view, users can talk to the App and request what they want and can even chat with the App in selected topics (e.g., the piano, friends, sport). 

4.To prepare actual dishes, the App shows how to obtain Japanese seasonings and cooking tools through Amazon links ( can be accessed in English).

• How does users interact with your app?

1.Users can select the recipes in a categorized list while seeing representative cooking images.

2.Users can talk to the App in the K’s assist view.  Then, the App recommends possible dishes.

3.Users can see Japanese seasonings and cooking tools that are actually used for preparation of the dishes in Japan and can obtain them through links to

• Can anyone from the general public get an account and use the app?

1.As I mentioned earlier, an increasing number of people worldwide gain an interest in “Washoku” and Japanese home dishes.

2.The App can be used in English, German, and Japanese, so that broader audiences in the world can use the App.

Best regards,