#51 Eel rice bowl

Part 51 Eel rice bowl

(Machine translation) Home care assistant (Helper) K will always give me an event of the season. Today is an eel. There are a lot of eels at supermarkets this week. By the way, I asked her to check if there is a Nanchatte eel-liver soup (imitated eel-flavored clear soup), but there wasn’t such a thing this time. So, we used an instant matsutake mushroom soup.


  1. 1 pack ready-made eel (domestic if you have enough budget)
  2. Appropriate amount of rice
  3. 1 pack instant matsutake mushroom soup
  4. Sansho pepper (a Japanese pepper)

First, cook rice. Next, after rice has been cooked, warm a ready-made eel in a microwave oven for one and a half minutes. Note that the eel should be taken out from the pack and be wrapped.

Next, put rice in a bowl. Here is the “Home care assistant (Helper) K Point”. Eel sauce is sprinkled over rice, not on the eel! 

Then, place the warmed eel on the rice and season with sansho peper (Japanese pepper). It’s done. Together with an instant matsutake mushroom soup, you can enjoy eating a simple “eel rice-bowl set menu.