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This App is to manage various due dates and deadlines. When a user sets a title and a due date, this App automatically generates notifications that will be dispatched at the due date and several fixed dates before the due date. Also, calendar events on the due date and another preceding date will be set in your calendar. To review the due date list, the initial view provides a table in which the due dates are sequentially listed while colored according to the ascending order.

Initial Setting
(If not shown correctly, please sign into your iCloud account . The due date data will be stored in your iCloud private database.)

Press the above “+” button 1.

Click “OK” to access your calendar.

Click “Allow” to receive notifications from the App.

Notification Setting

Press the “Set Notification” 2

In the red box 3, the user can choose at which time the user wants each notification.

In the red box 4, the user will receive at most three additional notifications before the due date.

In the red box 5, the user can pick an extra calendar event written in the user’s calendar.

Press the “Back” in the red circle 6.

Due Date Setting

As described above, enter a due date title in the TextField in the red box 7. Next, press the “Enter” on the keyboard.

Then, the title was set and expressed in red over the TextField.

Set a specific date on the datepicker in the red box 9.

Press the “Set the above date” button to determine the date.

The set date in red appears in the red box 11.

If the due date is a date after the above set date, you may pick and add a prescribed interval selected by using the picker in the red box 12.

Subsequently, the rescheduled date will appear in blue in the section 13.

After the due date title and the due date have been determined, register the due date by pressing the “Register the due date” button 14.

Due Date List View

Due dates are arranged and colored in the ascending order.

Past due dates within one week are shown in grey and will disappear after that.

To add another due date, press the “+” button 15. Then, the due date setting view will appear as described above.

The current upper limit of the number of active due dates is 100. If the number exceeds this threshold, the user will receive an alert.

To delete a due date, swipe the row to the left. Then, a “Delete” button 16 will show up. You can touch the button to delete all the information about the due date.

When the user touches a specific row, how many days are remaining is displayed.

Calendar View

The due date event and its preceding notice are booked in the user’s calendar.

The user can modify the information about the due date event and its preceding notice on the calendar.

Notification View


If you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to contact the following email address.