#39 Pokeweed hosomaki roll (sushi roll)

Part 39 Pokeweed hosomaki roll (sushi roll)

illustrated by Saki Shiokawa

(Machine translation) When you get a little older, you will end up with a vegitable hosomaki roll other than fatty tuna sushi in a sushi restaurant. For example, there are kappa (cucumber), plum shiso, and natto hosomaki. Here, we introduce a pokeweed hosomaki.

Ingredients (2 servings)

  1. 1 package pokeweed, each longitudinally halved
  2. 1 package toasted laver seaweed (nori), for wrapping
  3. 1 bowl rice

First, cut pokeweeds. (If you prefer the whole one, you can enjoy a pokeweed as it is.)

Put rice over a toasted laver seaweed on a sushi mat (makisu) and wrap them, but here is the point. Do not put too much rice on it (see the photo). 

Next, wrap the pokeweed and rice in the seaweed. Then cut it into a size that is easy to eat.

Arrange them on a plate with Soy sauce and wasabi too!