Tomoyuki Shishido, Ph.D. (a Japanese patent attorney)

I like playing the piano very much, but I am a beginner. I could not read sheet music until 45. Then, I started learning the piano. I have leaned the piano from Yamaguchi-sensei and have enjoyed it very much. So, I, a wheelchair user, together with our members, have developed a bFaaaP.

To develop the bFaaaP, I needed to study programming. At the beginning, I tried to control the bFaaaP by using an AppleWatch, so that I learned Swift. As a byproduct of the learning, I have created a due date manager application so as to manage various terms (e.g., legal terms, deadlines, project periods, private schedules). This application will be available shortly. Please try and enjoy it.

Illustrated by Saki Shiokawa

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Application Development



MeLDy: Medical Device Dictionary English-Japanese-Chinese

Consultant Patent Attorney

To prepare patent specifications (claims), to translate patent application-related documents (in the fields of machines, pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic chemistry, biosciences) from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese.

Auxiliary Pedal System


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